What is 3D printing?

3D printing or additive manufacturing is a process that produces tridimensional objects starting from a digital file. The creation of the 3D printed object is based on the additive process, which involves depositing the material in successive and horizontal layers until the object is fully created. Each of these horizontal layers can be seen as a thin horizontal ‘slice’ or the section of that object.

To prepare a digital file for printing, special software is used to ‘”slice” the final model into hundreds or thousands of horizontal layers. When the file is uploaded to the 3D printer, the object can be created layer-by-layer.The printer reads each “slice” (or 2D image) and cerates the object, gluing every layer with a very subtle distinctive differentiation ( which can be completely eliminated by a fine grinding).



Designing is the first step in the creative process. It is in fact the most important step for a successful project. 90% of the final object characteristics are controlled at this stage. The model must be sealed (without hidden hollows or polygons) and have the appropriate scale and tolerances. We offer our clients the ability to desing in today’s most performing programs, so the final product meets the highest standards.
Sectioning or “slicing” is the second step in the creative process. This is where the 3D model is transformed into a series of overlapping horizontal sections and images. It is also an important step that needs to be treated carefully, because here the layer thickness, density, temperatures and execution speeds change. Depending on the destination, complexity and properties of the material used, the optimal settings are used to meet the conditions.
3D printing is the actual process by which objects get alive. It’s an automated process, which is why the quality of the machines is extremely important. We were aware of this when we built them. The resoultion of the objects starts at 0.05 mm and the dimensions can reach up 80 cm. Rezolutia obiectelor incepe de la 0.05mm ,iar dimensiunile pot ajunge pana la 80cm.
Finishing is optional if you want a glossy surface or a variety of colors. In general, the objects we make have only one color – the color of the material that is sufficiently sleek, but through this stage you can achieve countless effects: gloss, gradients color, cladding, metallic paints, etc.
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