Prototype Studio exists today because it has the mission to change the future through creation. 

We stronly believe that the light of the future  is created by  the people who innovate today through projects and great ideas that materialize in new products. That’s why we’re here, to help people materialize their ideas, by putting all of our knowledge and skills at your disposal.

The “Prototype” project was born out of desire to constantly find new solutions to current problems and improve them. We’ve always been curious to find out how things work around us, so today we’ve come to build our own mechanisms and starve curiosity.

Our vision is to support all those who have imagined a new product and have no way of realizing it, because there was no one to help them, or maybe, because they diddn’t have access to the needed technology.

That’s what we encourage, the vision and the creativity to improve the current conditions through unique approaches.

Today, YOUR DREAM can come to life.


  Tudor Andrei-Eduard, founder.

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